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Nato Nu Meets Star Wars

by You, sir, name?, 29th Jan 2011

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WolfieMario, 3rd Jul 2011
Start by reading the first two verses of Numa Numa (look it up; they aren't in the comic). Then you get to "Vrei sa pleci dar", and pretend there's a variable called "LOOP", which should now equal 0. Then follow the blue numbers (starting with 2, since you already got past 1). "3&15" means you follow that arrow when you're at number 3, and again when you get to 15. You end up making a circle around the "and ends with", repeating the bottom half once. Once you go past 18, you're at a fork (which you were also at when you passed 6). The next number is 19, so you go to the "chipul tau..." part now, and then the "mi-amintesc..." part. Now, if the "LOOP" variable is still zero (which it should be), you increment it (it now equals 1), and go back to "Vrei sa pleci dar". You end up doing that part over again, as though your next step was number 2 again. Once you hit the "Mi-amintesc..." fork again, "LOOP" no longer equals 0, so you go the other way, continuing on to verse 4 of the song (again, not in the comic). Also, ignore the part where it forks off into Yoda, this is an edit someone else made to my own edit :p And don't ask for help on "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", even I can't keep up with it o_O
alexriehl, 19th May 2011
Quick question: Can someone translate the Numa Numa bit a little? It looks horribly complicated. How should I go about reading it?

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